Category: Karcatures

  • Karcamo the wrestlehog

    Karcamo the wrestlehog

    As big #sonicthehedgehog fan @tengukiarts  imagined the forger of pain in this #segagenesis classic !! Give my  friend a follow!  ► Main channel →► Lameplay channel →► Canal en español latino →► Facebook → ► Twitter →► Instagram →► Twitch →

  • NEVER eat Santas’ milk & cookies

    NEVER eat Santas’ milk & cookies

    After kidnapping Santa Claus and taking over christmas, I snagged some milk and cookies… sigh I guess he didnt appreciate that. Art by @tengukiarts follow the best artis eva on instagram! Despues de secuestrar a Santa Claus y tomar las riendas de la navidad me nache unas galletas con leche… (suspiro) Creo que a Santa…

  • Karccalo the forger of the makankōsappō

    Karccalo the forger of the makankōsappō

    This is what happens when i fused with a namekian. Karccalo? Piccomo? I GOT IT! Karccalo the forger of the makankōsappō!!! Let the contdown begin!!! 25 days left for #dragonballfighterz  I cant wait!!! How excited are you? Art by @jaagooz_art   ► SUBSCRIBE TO MY LAMEPLAY CHANNEL If you wanna send me stuff here is…

  • Karcature #14 – Karcaween 2016

    Karcature #14 – Karcaween 2016

    A mutaded Krauser, evil Neil the videogame pirate and a zombified forger of pain are featured in this stellar Karcaween 2016 art by my brothaaa!! Follow and support Xaviier Alexiis Gómez instagram @jaagoo.z . THANKS MY MAN! Also if you wanna see more of Jaag’s work, click here.Checkout KARCAMO.COM for more! MY SOCIALS: ► Youtube → ►…