Welcome to Karcamo.com!

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  • http://www.youtube.com/jimmyhapa jimmyhapa

    Congrats on finishing up the site, it’s looking good man. BTW, loved all the Suikoden tracks you used as BGM.

  • Frank P

    congrats Tim!

  • Ibi Salmon

    Congratulations on the site. Looks good!

  • Lucy Davies

    Enjoyed watching your video it was awesome. Love watching your videos 🙂 looking forward to all the E3 stuff too, should be good.

  • Manuel Antonio Sieiro Guerra

    apart from saying hello to the “idiota” of the video, i want that collection of the background.

  • Vic julio

    Congrats, awesome site!!

  • Ricardo Carrera

    Finally at last .. but no least my friend 😀 , congratulations my pal and on e3 please cover the xenoblade chronicles x and if you see something about the naruto ps4 title.

  • Gustavo Ng

    Hoping to see the upcoming segments soon. Nice Webpage, definitely friendly to browse. Congratulations on your 9 years of work. lol

  • Kelly

    Yay! Website looks awesome.

  • Brian Schumacher

    Wow I’m impressed!! Your website is amazing!!! Its better then IGN!!

  • Emilio

    exelente pagina bro

  • Nate Cal

    Thriftdweller Asks:

    1) Have you ever slept with a woman…. while in face paint? and “how many?”
    2) Where’s the one place in the world you want to visit… and game hunt?
    3) If you were stuck on an island and were only able to have 3 video games, which would they be?