Karcature #4 – Karcamax Fury Road

Madmax is not like “Fallout” (even thou is inspired by Madmax) that they still have active radio stations. Soooooooo… what is the solution for having good rock music on the road or music at all? Well… have a guy play live with a billion speakers and have him playting all the time!!! MAKE SENSE TO ME!!!

P.S. If you saw the movie you’ll get the reference, if you didnt… WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!? ITS FN AWESOME! GO WATCH IT!

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Karcamo in MAD MAX


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2 responses to “Karcature #4 – Karcamax Fury Road”

  1. Gabriela Horna Avatar
    Gabriela Horna

    Like it. I can almost listen to the music behind it. The Doof Warrior’s twin 🙂

  2. Tayra Navarro Avatar
    Tayra Navarro

    waooo la caricatura está a otro nivel, me encanta el detalle que le colocó, si me lleva exactamente a esos momentos de la peli, redefine escuchar musica en vivo. jajajaja

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